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FAQ and Tips for entering on-line

Every website is different, the following tips may make entering on-line with this site easier.

I haven’t received my registration / activation email what should I do?
A) Check your junk, spam, clutter type folders.
B) Wait for an hour and then try to log in with the user Id & password that you set up during registration
C) contact taransay admin using the contact page , explain that you haven’t had the activation email and ask them to check the registration

I’m having difficulty entering more than 1 dog at a show
Select the first dog you wish to enter from the drop down and click the class(es)  you want to enter with that dog  – wait until the tick box turns green
Select the next dog you wish to enter from  the drop down and wait until all the class tick boxes turn back to red , then click the class(es)  you want to enter with that dog and wait until the tick box turn green
Press enter at the bottom of the page and continue  through the pages to checkout.
It can take several seconds for the tick boxes to change colour – DON’T click on the class button multiple times

I can’t add my details as the owner
The registered user will be automatically added as the owner of the dog- the relevant section will be greyed out at the bottom of the dog’s details


How Do I add Additional Owners?
At the bottom of the dog’s details there will be a greyed out section with the first owner’s details (taken from the user information) next to that greyed out line there will be + ; Click on the +  and a new line will be added so that you complete the additional owner information.


Do I need to have seperate users for different partnerships?
No – just make sure that the ownership for each dog is correct and that the user is a partner for each dog and authorised by each partnership to enter dogs on behalf of the partnership. ( This means you only need do 1 entry for the dogs you have – saving admin fees; the system will produce an entry form which shows the ownership of each dog)

Any Other Questions?
Use the contact form to ask any questions  or report problems

I haven’t got a Paypal Account
No problem – Paypal is the payment system used  by the website you do not need a paypal account. Click on the Paypal Checkout button and you should be offered the option to either use a Paypal account or to checkout as a guest.